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Crashed on Re-entry

Did you hear? Youssif1 finally got to meet a hero. More specifically—Spiderman. Some dude put on tights, flicked his wrist, gave Youssif a hug and made his day. I’m happy for Youssif. CNN is happy for Youssif. CNN is happy for CNN. I’m not happy for CNN. After a two-month sabbatical from the news, I […]

White or Wheat?

I’ll try to tell you something that’s different here, but I’m not sure how to say it.

Diggin’ In

It’s about time. I mean, I’ve had my own place for over a month now—kitchen just sitting there quietly. Patiently waiting.Two things drove me to my madness. 1) May. The person, not the month. She’s really great at gently and not-so-gently teasing to encourage positive behavior. In this case, she teased me at the last […]