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Alone Together

Anyone who has been to the wall or talked to someone who has been knows it’s more than just walking.


Call me naïve, but forced depression just rubs me the wrong way. As does exploitation.


Waiting for my food, I watched the amulet seller outside the window. He hit up Thai and farang with indiscriminate futility. Eventually, a waiter took him out a meal. I was surprised to find myself thinking of his work as his career, his pop-up table as his desk, his guidebook-recommended restaurant at his back as his regular lunch break.

The Glass Elevator

Most people seemed aware of their ocular defenselessness. Until they stepped into the glass elevator.

Half-baked Metaphors

Thus continues a series of notes about my recent travels. I didn’t post them earlier because they were mostly written as notes or based on notes scribbled in free moments in cafés, restaurants, train stations and buses. I have tried to modify them only enough to make sense of them, not to make them read-worthy. […]