Archive for November, 2008

Snow Angels

We got our first real snow, and I made the most of it with some students. Plus hot chocolate. _(click to play audio)

Simple Witness

I had a few students ask about why I came to China and when my answer matched the answers of a few other teachers, it started them thinking about how we could have the same motivation. We all came to China to help people, and that is not a common motive for people to have. […]

Shopping Glee

I am surprised that I’m still surprised when I surprise people with my white skin. Like I did at the store this evening. But I have learned to enjoy the moment more, which seems to make it more enjoyable for the surprised native as well. _ (Click to play audio)

Techie Fun

So I was thinking. If I’m going to do this regularly, it needs to be easy. And I tried my first Automator workflow. Not too bad. . (Click to play audio)

Game Time

Fourth Floor (plus Divena) played a potentially destructive game and are still friends. . (Click to play audio)