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I’m finishing classes. It actually saddens me a little. Both are good things. .(click to play audio)

Snow Day

Snow always makes me happy. But it was even better today because the snow’s arrival was timed almost exactly with my class’s beginning. We struck a wager that if they would stay with me and work hard, we could dismiss a little early to enjoy the snow. So not only was there snow to enjoy, […]

Food. I mean, Friends.

Karyn found good ice cream at Carrefour, so, we were obviously obliged to buy a lot and have a party. So we did. And it included our cool Japanese neighbors and their native snacks. .(click to play audio)


So the Berlin Philharmonic came to see us in Changchun. It was very kind of them. I’m not sure they knew what they were getting into, but we enjoyed it. In our coats and gloves and scarves. In a stadium. Odd, but cool. .(click to play audio)


My new hobby? Tongue exercises. In an effort to improve my students’ pronunciation, I found tongue exercises for them. And I, of course, must demonstrate them—for every class. My tongue is officially needing a day off. But, boy, can it curl. .(click to play audio)