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Interview 3

Certain images of the Games have become familiar to US audiences: the achievements of Michael Phelps and Dara Torres in swimming, for instance, or the men’s and women’s basketball teams cruising past the competition. Just as the Games are a way for the U.S. to display its prowess in these pursuits, so too are they [...]

Interview 2

My own experience is actually pedestrous,” says 42-year-old author Gish Jen. “I’m a housewife; I’m a mother … How much can [I] have lived?” Jen’s readers, however, might beg to differ. Despite this humble demeanor, her literary career is anything but ordinary. The author of two New York Times notable books of the year — [...]

Interview 1

Yang was born in Alameda or Fremont (he can’t recall which one) and grew up in a Catholic family in San Jose and Saratoga. Yang was one of few Asian Americans at his grade school and his classmates taunted him. Since then, he says he’s always been uncomfortable being Chinese. One year, a new student [...]