Playin’ it Cool

Cricket is a pretty cool sport. Especially when you both understand and watch it. Together. I speak from experience.


Welcome or Not?

Food absences are sometimes more enjoyable than food presences—particularly when that food involves insects. But friendly welcome is always preferable to smiling tolerance.



A two-parter! Part one involves basketball yesterday after a long dearth of exercise, complete with rather annoying soreness today. Part two centers upon the securing of and utilization of the French press I purchased a few weeks ago. With a bonus!

(Featuring: Gorillaz)


Comfy Cozy

I had a realization while doing my English corner and hanging out at the bookstore—I wasn’t just a foreign teacher doing an English corner. I was Justin hanging out at the bookstore. Not sure when that change happened, but it certainly wasn’t always the case. Happily, it is now.


Très Poli

Mrs. Swogger, my French tutor in high school, loved to play this game with me. She would ask me questions she knew would be really difficult to answer kindly and watch me try to worm my way out. It wasn’t malicious. At least I didn’t think so. I rather enjoyed it. And she always praised my diplomacy.

Turns out it’s a useful skill for politicians.

Say what you want about Barak Obama, the man can talk. I’m not referring to his rather annoying hand gestures and stilted rhythm. Egads, the diplomacy (i.e., the things you can get away with in a press conference).