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Apples, colors, cool—fall is here, and it makes me happy. (Music by Jack Johnson)

Raving System: Implementations

I’m not a manager, so I can’t really evaluate a Raving System’s efficacy nor its viability in a corporate setting. I can, however, test the underlying concepts. And, in fact, I have.

Beanie Strikes Again

Having a cat is an endless source of little joys. Here are two. (Also welcome the advent of new tech-side stuff to improve the podcast. I finally gave in.) (Music by Britt Daniel)

Raving System: Implications

I think as a manager. It might be my gift. It might be my curse. It might be my big head. In any case, it’s my inclination. As a manager, I like this idea for so many reasons

Party Time!

Pizza, pop, Uno and body mashing all combined last night in a rather rousing class party. And it all happened in my apartment. [Visit the full post to hear the audio.]