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Let It

The long-awaited snow has arrived. Just barely, but it counts. (Music by the Jackson 5)

Mad Men or Why Americans Hate Themselves

We could discuss finer points of the show for a good long while, but others have been quite effective in this approach. So allow me to revert to my tried and true method of discussion: broad generalizations.

Extra Cranky with a side of Self-righteous

My news source of choice is BBC. It’s great to hear about what’s happening in the world with minimal opinionizing, and I find they do a great job of focusing on worthwhile information while ignoring junk stories. And they have a configurable website. What’s not to love? No, the real problem comes with people who give their opinion. You know—everyone.

Week in Review

It’s nice to finish a busy week—not only because you are finished, but also because you have that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. (Music by U2) [Visit the full post to hear the audio.]

Sleep has its benefits.

I’m a night person. But even night people benefit from a little sleep. (Music by Sara Groves) [Visit the full post to hear the audio.]