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A Weekstart Threeve

My dances get both more numerous and more thrilling as I keep my eyes and ears open. And have internet. This time: seat covers, trash cans and learning. (Music by the King’s Singers) [Visit the full post to hear the audio.]

Christmas in a Corner

I like finding happiness in new places. Here’s some Christmas happiness. (Music by the Rat Pack)

Yet Another Reason

I love cats. They’re awesome. Especially mine. (Music by the Beach Boys)

I’m not (quite) on Facebook.

Here’s the deal: I’m not on Facebook, but I’m finding new FB-interactive tools from time to time. The systems are quite flimsy and admittedly imperfect, but they’re a start. One tool I’ve found: When you leave a comment on one of these notes in Facebook, I can now get it back into my blog. And I can answer it there. So, let’s try it.

Two Men and a Cat

Well, the cat’s assumed. But I do have a guest. (Hooray for creativity!) Meet my friend David (耿鑫). (Music by John Lennon)