Happy Dance

Pardon me.

It seems I forgot to mention something. I started a podcast a while ago. Somehow, it seems I never managed to actually post about it. I’m sure I had a reason for ignoring it then. Now I don’t.

It’s nothing fancy. It’s my happy dance. Basically, I take a minute or two to look at the last day and point out something nice. It’s been a helpful practice for me.

I’m not really sure you’ll want to subscribe to it, but if you do, here is what you need.

iTunes users, click here.
Everyone else, copy this link into your podcasting software of choice. Enjoy.

(You can also check the full archive and listen to posts on the site by going here. Or just check some of them mentioned in the sidebar.)

Money in the Morning

Phone calls at 5:30 in the morning are generally unwelcome. Except when they are to inform you the government is going to give you money. Then they become pretty cool, I learned. Especially when you can go back to bed anyway.

[audio: http://www.grantedglory.com/happydance/hd1_20090502.mp3]