Truth Claims

I believe there is truth. I also believe I can speak about truth. If you don't like that, you're wrong. And bad. Oops, I guess that would be morality, wouldn't it.


I believe in morality. Universal morality, even. I know, that requires universal truth. I guess that means I have a take on that, don't I?


I usually wouldn't try to discuss advanced scientific issues, given the fact that I'm relatively inept in the field (relative to the average third-grader pulling the legs off bugs). The more I learn, however, the more I realize that scientists routinely disagree with each other and are often wrong or just guessing anyway. So I feel vindicated in discussing science as a moderately well-educated individual. Which is not, but might as well be, as an expert.


Please realize that I generally talk about these subjects (as most subjects) solely from the perspective of a moderately well-educated individual. I don't claim extensive knowledge in any of these fields, though I think I get some basic concepts. So if I'm missing important information, feel free to inform me, but please don't assume I'm a moron. I just generally don't care to investigate the full scope of the issue I'm discussing, though I believe I could. I mean, I don't think I'm a slouch--I have disclaimers on my blog.