Ignorance is Bliss

Peace was just beyond our boldly projected fingertips. Then the World Wars came and shattered the illusion. Have no fear, friends. Such days have reappeared on humanity’s horizon.

Free Advice for a Potential World Leader

Dear Mrs. Palin, I keep reading news pieces about how you might want to make a run at the presidency in four years. I offer you my best wishes. And this advice.


My unorthodox method of news browsing led me to CNN’s report on President-Elect Obama’s pick for chief of staff just from the Onion‘s recent videos.

Dumbed Down Depression

You’ll notice I haven’t commented much on the economic downturn. Fortunately, some people who actually know what is happening have commented. And he has commented in a way that makes sense to all of us. Like Dr. Saxon explaining Platonic forms to Cowboy Dave, it’s beautiful and beneficial to all of us.

Jones doesn’t ring like Colbert

I dare you to pronounce my sardonicism unwarranted.