Raving System: Implementations

I’m not a manager, so I can’t really evaluate a Raving System’s efficacy nor its viability in a corporate setting. I can, however, test the underlying concepts. And, in fact, I have.

Raving System: Implications

I think as a manager. It might be my gift. It might be my curse. It might be my big head. In any case, it’s my inclination. As a manager, I like this idea for so many reasons

Raving System: Introduction

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, provocative blogger and friend of the blog recently proposed a ‘Ratting System’ that allows employees to anonymously point out their peers’ flaws. I think his idea is perfect–if you turn it inside out.

It Is for Us, the Living

I envisioned a spectacular microcosm of life and color and joy. He died never knowing how nice his world could have been.

And for What?

Confession of the day: Despite all the talk about it, I didn’t get the cross. Still don’t really, but I’m getting closer.