Over the last three weeks, I’ve been…

  • A student
  • A teacher
  • A costume designer
  • A film writer
  • A film director
  • A film editor
  • An actor
  • A cameraman
  • A sock puppet
  • A giant sock puppet
  • A news anchor
  • A referee
  • A general technician
  • A mini celebrity (referring to status, not stature)

In other words, I’ve been working on the program staff at summer English camp. More pictures (and maybe videos) will be coming.

Looking at that list, you will notice some important absences. While I’m not saying I did nothing more than the list denotes, I am going to mention that I could not include, say, correspondent on the list. Some of you have noticed. Most of you really didn’t. Either way, I did.

I’m not apologizing for my internet silence. Just explaining.

Go for the Gold!

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