L1ttle Sh0ut 0ut

One of the questions I’m asked most often by students and other interested parties (often at interesting parties, such as last night’s) is ‘Do you cook for yourself?’ While I’m not sure what answer would most satisfy the questioners, I usually claim to prepare some of my own food while admitting my kitchen inefficacy.

That was before I added a powerful new weapon in the war against domestic ineptitude.

Cookingbynumbers.com gives you simple recipes from simple food. Bachelors, inexperienced kitcheneers who just entered cooking contests, and people too lazy to get out and get food, cooked or cookable—this is for you. Just select the foods you have, and it gives you recipes. Simple recipes with cool names. You’ll feel like a French chef just by swiping some egg on bread and putting it in the oven. And don’t worry, it gives you all the instructions you could need, too—from chopping an onion on up.

It’s obviously not for the master-chefs out there. Or the aesthetes. It doesn’t give you all the details or gourmet results. It does give you edible food, simple instructions and a sense of accomplishment. That’s good enough for me.

5 Replies to “L1ttle Sh0ut 0ut”

  1. Glad to be of service. Stuff this good demands to be shared.UPDATE: I seem to have found this just in time, too, as the little restaurant at my back door is going to be closed for the next month for Spring Festival.

  2. cookingbynumbers.com is really quite good. I’m sorry that I didn’t share this with you earlier – its quite possible I stumbled across this a couple of years ago and have been visiting periodically ever since.

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