I’m not old enough

Reunions are for old people. I mean, I haven’t been invited to the MBBC Class of ’07 Reunion luncheon and fundraiser. But someday I will be. I’m planning now to be poor so I don’t have to give any money. Or to be rich and powerful and have already given so much they wouldn’t dare ask for more. But I’m losing focus.

That focus was intended to be upon the reunion I just attended. I’ve just begun my second semester of teaching, and it was time to reconnect with long-lost friends. So, the Giraffes of English Essentials Summer Camp 2007: “English in the Wild” reunited for the first time since November. Those in Changchun, anyway.

It had all the elements of a successful reunion—old friends, sitting around and eating, catching up, exchanging contact info, going to dinner, expressions of vague plans for increased communication, money changing hands. One element was missed, I suppose. There were no new family members (see paragraph one).

It was good times, though. We all left, no doubt, with the same thought: Let’s not wait another four months to do this.

Things move fast in China. (video after the break)[local /wp-content/uploads/2008/03/giraffeparty.mov nolink] 

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