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Happy Nap

I took a nap. And I slept. That doesn’t happen often.

Afternoon Jaunt

I made a quick trip downtown today that managed to include a Chinese quarter pounder and a motorcycle laden with bags of ducks. For a moment, St. Ives almost seemed a reality. .(click to play audio)

Lazy Sunday

I’m sitting in a coffee shop. All’s right with the world. .(click to play audio)

Ignorance is Bliss

Peace was just beyond our boldly projected fingertips. Then the World Wars came and shattered the illusion. Have no fear, friends. Such days have reappeared on humanity’s horizon.

Making the Cut

I’m not entirely sure how or why, but I have always used scissors backwards. It just seemed to me that the big hole was bigger because your thumb went in at an angle. As of this week, I now know the proper way to use scissors. Glad I got that one cleared up. _(click to […]