The rumors are true.

Some of you may have heard things about a cat roaming my apartment. Some of you may have heard about my apartment. Some of you may have heard about me.

First things first.

Yes, I have my very own cat in my very own apartment. It’s a nice thing. Being a long-time fan of cats, I imagined coming to China and getting a cat. School-provided housing isn’t generally pet-friendly, though, and I knew that.


Then it happened.

Students mentioned to Karyn they thought teachers could have pets. She very kindly informed me immediately via SMS while I was on a trip I’ll tell you about some time. It was a spark of hope that burst into beautiful flame when I found the furniture in my new apartment covered in scratches and snags—the tell-tale sign of a (poorly disciplined) cat.

Meet BinBin (滨滨), also known as KitKat by habit of use, a name my friend the animal-naming guru readily approved.