The rumors are true.

Some of you may have heard things about a cat roaming my apartment. Some of you may have heard about my apartment. Some of you may have heard about me.

First things first.

Yes, I have my very own cat in my very own apartment. It’s a nice thing. Being a long-time fan of cats, I imagined coming to China and getting a cat. School-provided housing isn’t generally pet-friendly, though, and I knew that.


Then it happened.

Students mentioned to Karyn they thought teachers could have pets. She very kindly informed me immediately via SMS while I was on a trip I’ll tell you about some time. It was a spark of hope that burst into beautiful flame when I found the furniture in my new apartment covered in scratches and snags—the tell-tale sign of a (poorly disciplined) cat.

Meet BinBin (滨滨), also known as KitKat by habit of use, a name my friend the animal-naming guru readily approved.

15 Replies to “The rumors are true.”

    1. Thanks for the interest and support, everyone. I guess this proves cats really are what make the internet go ’round, even for you haters.

      @Dale: Honestly, I find that surprising. And my first reaction is that I fear for its life. Jess, please protect yourself, your daughter and the cat.

      @RuthAnn: It’s a shorthair. As if that were really the deal-breaker. And, yes, whiskers seem sufficiently restored.

    1. @Marylew Oliedew (Karen, too?): Glad to hear from all of you. Binbin is doing well and thankful for the attention. As for gender, stay tuned. This is going to require some explanation. Yes, such mystery is necessary.

  1. Actually, the whole shorthair thing doesn’t make a difference. I appear to be allergic to the saliva. I would still pretty much die.
    And how could you possibly think anything else was a deal-breaker . . .

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