There’s another white meat?

Perhaps it was curiosity I’ve been fostering during this holiday. Perhaps it was excess time being domestic (i.e., sitting at home). Perhaps it was hunger. I decided to cook.


I’m not sure what will make the bang that will reinstate my blogging career, so I guess I’ll go for the whimper and hope someone notices.

Excursion: Shenyang (Part Two)

I know you’re wondering when it will end. Don’t worry, the first half of the trip makes for a good story, the second made for good pictures.

Excursion: Shenyang (Part One)

I’ve had a mantra over the last couple of months: It’s fun to be a foreigner in China. I decided to test that claim last week with a trip to a different part of China.

Alone Together

Anyone who has been to the wall or talked to someone who has been knows it’s more than just walking.