I’m not (quite) on Facebook.

If you are reading this on my website or via RSS, you can leave now. Thanks for coming. Have a good week.

OK, it’s just us, Facebook Friends. I’ve been hoping for a while to talk to you about something.

I talked with my mom a while ago, and she was under the impression I have been active on Facebook. This conviction confused me for a while. Then I remembered that my blog posts are still imported into FB, so you have been seeing me write new notes from time to time, but I’ve been ignoring messages, wall posts, friend requests and stupid application suggestions.

Here’s the deal: I’m not on Facebook, but I’m finding new FB-interactive tools from time to time. For example, I now can see just how many messages I can’t answer on Facebook. I think I’ll be able to reply to new wall comments soon, too. The systems are quite flimsy and admittedly imperfect, but they’re a start.

One tool I’ve found: When you leave a comment on one of these notes in Facebook, I can now get it back into my blog. And I can answer it there. So, let’s try it. You leave a comment, give me some time to import them and respond, then check my answer on my blog.

See how that works?

OK, thanks for hearing me out. I hope this clears the air between us.

Know that I love you.

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    1. @Luke and @Sam: Thanks, guys. Wish the plugin that copied my reply back into Facebook were working. In its absence, I’ll reply here and hope you see it. Thanks for the quick response.

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