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Live!It’s a boy! If China were a pregnancy, I’d be giving birth. Today officially marks nine months. And for those of you that think it’s ridiculous to talk about a man giving birth, you’re not reading your news very well.

Also a boy: Kent Halsey. Kent has officially been awarded a highly coveted place on the blogroll both because he is an all-around cool guy, and because his stuff is always worth reading. I’m not even kidding, I invisibly added his blog to my blogroll as soon as I set this thing up even though he hadn’t posted in something like five hundred days. And my faith paid off. Kent is back online. Definitely worth celebrating—a celebration of reading, that is.

In case you were wondering, it’s moderately official: Binge drinking makes you dumb (as in, actually causes dumbness, not the weird verb tense that I’m sure has a name I don’t know that means binge drinking proves you are dumb). I say ‘moderately official‘ because they performed what seems a relatively unscientific test (see science disclaimer) on twenty six binge drinkers, comparing their results with a control group of thirty four. And all to prove that binge drinking is bad. It hurts your memory. So now I know not to trust habitual binge drinkers’ judgment. ‘Cause I would have otherwise.

I have discovered I like links. It think it makes me feel academic, with links functioning as footnotes.

I am actually going to be helping teach basketball today. You might want to wipe the spittle off the screen. I hate laughbursts because of the spittle.

And, finally, global warming is a hoax. OK, so that’s not exactly accurate. They say, though (and this time I actually know who ‘they’ are), that temperatures have decreased over the last few years. Temperatures peaked in 2005, and are now back to 1998 levels. And while these temperatures still seem to be higher than previous decades, I can’t help but question their evidence. Anything that has ‘proven’ rising temperatures in the last three years has suddenly been proved wrong, and anyone who said anything contrary is a liar. More or less.

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