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My Take on SOTU

His agenda is worthwhile. His speaking style was lighter—almost relaxed and engaging at times. His rhetorical vision was grand, generous and participatory. His message was spiteful, dismissive and partisan.

Digest: Why the Health Care Reform Bill Should Be Scrapped

I’d like to lay out for you a series of carefully-crafted arguments about the health care reform bill. Instead, you get a numbered list. It’s better than nothing, right?

L1ttle Sh0ut 0ut is obviously not for the master-chefs out there. Or the aesthetes. It doesn’t give you all the details or gourmet results. It does give you edible food, simple instructions and a sense of accomplishment.

It used to feel like -30°.

Having lived in ever-colder climates, I’ve always realized the utility of effectively communicating frigidity. Thus I officially call for a sensory chill index (SCI).