There’s another white meat?

Perhaps it was curiosity I’ve been fostering during this holiday. Perhaps it was excess time being domestic (i.e., sitting at home). Perhaps it was hunger. I decided to cook.

It used to feel like -30°.

Having lived in ever-colder climates, I’ve always realized the utility of effectively communicating frigidity. Thus I officially call for a sensory chill index (SCI).

I’m not (quite) on Facebook.

Here’s the deal: I’m not on Facebook, but I’m finding new FB-interactive tools from time to time. The systems are quite flimsy and admittedly imperfect, but they’re a start. One tool I’ve found: When you leave a comment on one of these notes in Facebook, I can now get it back into my blog. And I can answer it there. So, let’s try it.

Happy Dance

Pardon me. It seems I forgot to mention something. I started a podcast a while ago. Somehow, it seems I never managed to actually post about it. I’m sure I had a reason for ignoring it then. Now I don’t. It’s nothing fancy. It’s my happy dance. Basically, I take a minute or two to […]

The rumors are true.

Meet BinBin (滨滨).