It’s Official

At long last.

No more late-night debates. No more chic snobbery. He has spoken.

God has a favorite coffee, and I think it may surprise you.

He’s not down with the old favorites, nor the trendy startups. Obviously, nothing sold at Starbucks.

You may want to sit down.

Marxism Coffee: God's favored brand!
Marxism Coffee: God’s favored brand!

This fundamentally alters so much of what we’ve been taught. Mr. David Muse, we need to talk.

Of course, with an endorsement like that, I had to buy it. I’m drinking it now. Is it wrong to disagree with God’s opinion on coffee?

16 Replies to “It’s Official”

  1. I love this so much. On so many levels.

    But my favorite part has to be that Marxism is God’s favored. Suck it, Christian capitalists.


  2. The bare minimum. I mean, you didn't even acknowledge that I live right across from your party. It's ok. We know how you feel about my comments anyway. Just ask your blog.

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